The rules & regulations shall apply to all new mothers, companions and visitors who enter the premise of our Centre.

1. Amenities 

a) The amenities provided vary according to the room / package that you sign up and the details of which are listed under Annexure B.

b) You may bring your personal clothings and belongings to the Centre but we are not liable for any loss or damage to your personal clothings and belongings. 

c) You may be liable to pay for the original price of the supplies listed in Annexure B if there’s any man-made damages to our supplies or infrastructure.

2. Laundry Service

a) We will provide a laundry basket for each individual and will provide laundry service during your Stay Period. 

b) We do not provide laundry service for your companions and undergarments.

c) You are advised to use disposable undergarments during the Stay Period.

d) The laundry is all machine wash and we do not provide hand wash services for your laundry.

e) Kindly ensure that your personal clothing is not delicate and at risk of colour run.

f) We are not responsible for any damage or loss of your personal clothing.

g) The laundry will be folded and you are required to collect your laundry from the living room daily.

3. Additional Service

a) Traditional Malay Postpartum Massage service is offered at the rate of RM150. The massage session is approximately 2-3 hours. Payment is to be made payable to BabyMom prior to check out.

b) In the event breast lactation massage service is required, charges are subject to condition of breasts and market rate.

c) External masseur and photographer are strictly prohibited.

4. Newborn Care

a) All of our newborn caregivers are well-trained and experienced.

b) The ratio of caregivers and newborn is 1:2 save and except for the Deluxe Supreme Room which offers exclusive nursing care service. The rate of exclusive newborn care is provided under Clause 3.5 of the Agreement.

c) The following items are including in the packages sign up by you:-

baby towel, baby clothes, baby bath, shampoo, lotion, baby powder, cotton bud, herbal medicated oil, pillow, bolster and formula milk

d) You are only required to bring a set of newborn clothes for your baby to wear upon check out.

e) In the event the formula milk supplied by us does not meet your requirement, you are to prepare your preferred formula milk for the baby.

f) You are required to prepare baby diapers, breastmilk storage bags / containers, feeding bottles / feeding cups / syringe / feeding spoons which are ready to be used (washed and sanitized).

g) Your newborn shall stay at the nursery during the Stay Period. If you intend to look after / breastfeed your newborn, our caregiver will send the baby to your room. You are required to send the baby back to the nursery, to your allocated caregiver when you need your rest.

h) Only postpartum mothers are allowed to enter the nursery. You are not allowed to enter the nursery and in contact with the newborn if you have symptoms of illness which including fever, flu or cough)

i) You are not encouraged to enter the nursery after 10pm.

j) If your newborn has symptoms of illness, you are required to take care of your newborn to prevent the spread of illness at nursery.

k) Save and except for the Deluxe Supreme Room, it is not advisable for you to pass your breast pump to our caregiver for cleaning. We shall not be responsible for any loss and damage to your breast pump in the event it is cleaned by our caregivers.

l) The caregivers will clean the baby feeding bottles and breast milk storage container.

m) In the event you prefer exclusive latch on feeding, we encourage your newborn to stay with you to promote bonding to successful breastfeeding.

n) You are encouraged to pick up parenting tips and nursing skills from our caregiver 2 weeks before Check Out to ensure a smooth transition when you return home with your newborn.

o) If your spouse is interested in learning baby bathing skills, our caregiver will arrange for teaching in your room.

We do not encourage the usage of any folk prescription on postpartum and newborn. We do not bear any risk or consequence if you insist on using folk prescription.

5. Medical Examination / Check-Up

a) We provide complimentary transportation services for postpartum mothers and newborn solely for check-up at the following hospitals / clinics:

i) Private Hospital:    Pantai Puteri Ipoh, Hospital KPJ ipoh, Perak Community   Specialist Hospital and Kinta Medical Centre, Fatimah Hospital

ii) Government Hospital: Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Greentown Klinik       Kesihatan and Simee Klinik Kesihatan

b) The complimentary transportation services are only applicable for medical follow-up or in the case of emergency. 

c) The nurses from the Ministry of Health do not visit confinement homes to provide postpartum check-up.  We engaged Registered Nurse (RN) to visit and provide basic check-up and advice for postpartum mothers and newborn. It is your discretion whether to act on the advice given.

d) You are advised to bring your newborn to pediatric or government clinic (klinik kesihatan) for check-up or blood test to observe the progress of jaundice.

e) We do not encourage the usage of any folk prescription to cure jaundice. We do not bear any risk or consequence if you insist on using folk prescription.

f) We do not encourage exposing your newborn to direct sunlight as a method to cure jaundice. We do not bear any risk or consequence if you insist on doing so.

g) You may leave and enter our Centre at your own will with notice to our management but we do not bear any risk or consequence if you or your newborn is unwell upon return.

h) We are not liable for any activity or accident that happened to you and your newborn outside of our Centre.

6. Visiting Rules

a) Visiting hours are from 8am to 10pm and visitors shall not more than 2 people at any time.

b) To ensure safety of the occupants in our Centre, we require you to provide visitors’ full names prior to their visit.

c) Your visitors shall self sanitize and wear masks before entering our Centre.

d) We reserve the right to reject any visitor from entering our Centre and/or to ask the visitors to leave when they cause nuisance or disturbance to the occupants in our Centre.

e) Visitors who have symptoms of illness such as fever, cough or flu are refrain from entering our Centre.

f) We are not liable for the safety of your visitors (especially minors) at our Centre. You are required to keep a close eye on your visitors and you shall be held liable for their action.

g) You are that the doors are closed when your visitors leave.

h) In the event of any outbreak of disease, we reserve the right to restrict visitation. If you insist otherwise, you shall be liable for all loss and damages suffered by us.

7. Meals

a) We provide the following meals served to your room at the following time and we encourage you to have your meals as scheduled:-

b) We try to serve meals every 3 hours and establish a punctual meal time. Kindly inform us in advance if you are unable to eat on time.

c) Our cleaning staff will serve the meals to you and collect the same after an hour. you may leave the tray and tableware outside your room if you do not want the cleaning staff to enter your room.

d) You are advised to take your food cautiously if you are an exclusively breastfeeding mother as what you consume may affect your baby health condition.

e) If you decide to have outside food, Chinese herbs and western medicine not provided by us, we do not bear any risk or consequence if you insist in doing so.

f) We emphasize in providing well-balanced meals thus we provide modern style confinement meals to assist in expel wind, promote lactation and detoxify in the first 2 weeks of your stay. If you prefer to have traditional confinement meals, kindly inform us in advance so that we can cater to your needs.

g) In view that we adopt scientific and modern style confinement meals, we do not provide herbs or alcohol within the first 2 weeks of your stay. Any supplementation with stewed herbs will only be provided from the 18th day of your Stay Period. Kindly inform us if you would prefer to have supplementation earlier than scheduled and to provide the stewed wine (if required).

h) Our cooking method can be personalised to suit you and we will try to fulfill your request at our best.

i) You are required to notify us if there’s any special circumstance (including but not limited to food allergy, alcohol allergy, high blood pressure, diabetes or G6PD) to customize your meals. We shall not be liable for any allergy suffered by you or your newborn.

j) We will serve the same soup for lunch and dinner. We will provide different protein for lunch and dinner daily and vegetables will only be served during dinner.

k) We do provide some dry food supply / rations at the pantry area, you may help yourself with the supply.

l) We will serve 2 liters of red dates tea (unlimited for Deluxe Room and Deluxe Supreme Room) or unlimited servings of fried rice tea daily.

8. Housekeeping

a) Our cleaning staff will start their cleaning at 6.30am daily. If you do not wish to be disturbed in the morning, you are advised to put the items that require cleaning (laundry basket) or changing (dustbin) outside your room the night before.

b) Our cleaning staff will enter your room to replace red dates tea bottle / kettle / thermos cup every morning.

c) Our cleaning staff may delay their cleaning routine if there’s companions in your room and it is not convenient or suitable for housekeeping.

d) The bathroom and room will be cleaned daily but the bed sheet will be changed weekly if there is no special reason.

e) Our cleaning staff will prepare wind expelling herbal bathing water to your washroom after lunch daily. Kindly arrange with our staff if otherwise.

f) Kindly inform us of any hygiene issue that concerns you or if there’s any damages to our infrastructure, facilities or supplies.

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