Postpartum Nutrition Meal Service

Recuperate is the focus of confinement, of course it includes diet tonic. BabyMom Confinement Home has rich experience in this to provide you the best tonic. We use the principles of nutrition, coupled with multiracial local ancient diet, developed postpartum meal suitable for the public taste. We use the method “clean and nourish” and care with personal taste, design a personal postpartum meal specially for you, to ensure you have a joyful confinement.

“Clean” means we will remove extra toxic and water at the early stage of confinement. “Nourish” means we adopt “one to one” targeted diet to provide sufficient tonic. At the same time, postpartum meal service eliminate the inconvenience of your family and save you from purchasing poor quality ingredients.

We provide 2 meals a day with delivery

We provide a poultry/meat, nutrition soup, brown rice and confinement drinks(2 liter).


We will provide a poultry/meat, vegetables, brown rice, nutrition soup or herbs stew(last 10 day).

*The centre will provide thermos food container and thermos flasks

There are 4 stages in confinement diet

1st stage-Improve blood circulation and womb recovery

2nd stage-elimination of stasis

3rd stage-strengthens physique and tone the body

4th stage-reinforces health and improve physical fitness