Confinement Lady Introduction Service

Confinement Lady Introduction Service

Confinement plays an important role for the Chinese society because we believe we can recuperate post natal mother health during this period of time. In order to get enough rest and balanced nutrition during confinement, most of the people will invite the elderly in the family to help out. Hire confinement lady is another option since most of the people not staying together with their parents. Confinement lady of BabyMom Confinement Home has great experience, hard-working which can provide professional and caring service ensure the wellbeing of a baby.

Job Scope
Baby Care

milk feeding, diapers changing, bathing, cleaning umbilical cord, baby garments washing, milk bottle sterilizing and cleaning

Maternity Care

  • Arrange a suitable dietary supplement according to the physique and needs to help recover the health of postpartum mother
  • assist breastfeeding (if required)
  • prepare ginger bathing water
  • soothe postpartum emotion and relieve stress
  • accompany follow-up consultation(if needed)

Sharing of Nursing Skill

Share nursing skills and reviews with novice parents, families and family assistant

Simple Household Chores*

  • Handle household chores, eg. cleaning plates
  • Grocery shopping(if needed)**

*Confinement lady will only clean her working area and take care of hygiene of postpartum mother and newborn baby

**If confinement lady is needed to do grocery shopping, mother or family member are needed to look after the baby during the period of time.